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✨Oc Ask Meme ✨

1: How easy is it to earn their trust?

2: How easy is it to lose their trust?

3: What are some of their unusual habits?

4: What triggers nostalgia for them?

5: What embarrasses them the most? How would they react to that embarrassment?

6: Do they ever cause drama?

7: How would they react to a love confession?

8: How would they react to a surprise?

9: Do they have any traumatic memories?

10: What excites them the most?

11: Have they ever regretted something that changed their life?

12: Do they get scared easily?

13: Do they have a funny memory? If so, could you tell us about it?

14: Do they have a good relationship with their family?

15: Are they a people person or an animal person? (or both)

16: How sensitive are they? (physically and emotionally)

17: What color do they look best in?

18: If they ever had a theme song, what would the song be?

19: Do they like meeting new people?

20: Are they more of an introvert or extrovert?

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